Short Ad Tracking Guide for Ezine Advertisers

If you’re an ezine advertiser who doesn’t use an ad tracker, you’re just a blind advertiser. You don’t know what really happened when the final result is not the one you expected.

Who is at fault?

The program, product or service you promote is not very attractive for other people? Does your ezine ad not grab readers attention? Is there something wrong with the landing page? Is the ezine’s readership not the right market for your product?

You’ll never know if you don’t use an ad tracker and then interpret the results.

It’s not difficult to use such a tracker, but how do you analyse the results? Let’s see some basics … (more…)

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What You Need to Know About Ezine Advertising

By far the most effective and cost-effective way of advertising, especially for a new business is ezine advertising. It has 4 distinct advantages…

a. It’s easy to reach targeted prospects.

b. It gives results in a matter of hours. Typically, you should see results within 72 hours after your ad is published.

c. It’s easy to test your ad effectiveness.

d. It’s easy to calculate your Return on Investment (ROI). (more…)

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Ezine Advertising Myths

Nothing Works The freedom of speech, the lack of education plus the others’ herd instinct create some monsters … the myths. It is said “A fool throws a stone into a lake and twenty wise men can’t stop the ripples.”

Let’s see what some ezine advertising “experts” discovered and many other followers spread everywhere they could…

1. Ezine Advertising Doesn’t Work Anymore

Article marketing doesn’t work. PPC doesn’t work. Ezine advertising doesn’t work. Actually for some people nothing works. You know why? They are busy spreading rumours instead of investing in their education. (more…)

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Success - What people think it looks like

Successful Ezine Advertising Techniques

Ezines are a highly effective advertising tool if done correctly.

Success - What people think it looks like One of the most important advantages ezines have is the target group of people they refer to. Of course there are rules to be followed in order to succeed in ezine advertising.

1. Write benefits not features

It may sound cynical but most people are selfish. They don’t care about your company or background but they DO care about the benefits they gain. (more…)

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Ezine Advertising Doesn’t Work! Really?

Some newbies noticed (or just heard many internet marketers talking) that article marketing is a powerful way of getting free traffic to their websites. And these newbies suddenly started writing ezine articles, irrespective of their knowledge (or lack of knowledge) of the topic they were writing about. Unfortunately, most of the article directories editors are not experts in their niche, but only in their directory publishing guidelines. What’s the result? Many articles flood the market, but their quality is not always as expected.

Let’s explore the ezine advertising niche and see what readers may “learn” from some writers. “If it is on the Internet, it must be true …” is a common wrong conclusion. Some readers learn quickly a weird tip, spread it fast to friends or colleagues, more and more people apply the tip until … everything explodes and then people cry angrily, “Ezine advertising doesn’t work!(more…)

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There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs.

Simple Steps to Market using Ezine Advertising

There's no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs. If you’re just starting out with an Internet marketing business, you’re probably either familiar with or being bombarded by several methods of marketing your business.

There are free classified ad sites, pay per click advertising, and even social marketing using videos and social sites as modes for advertising to your target audience—just to name a few.

However, there is one very consistent method of reaching millions of people currently on the Internet that sometimes gets missed…and that is ezine advertising. (more…)

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Ezine Classified Ads: Copywriting Guide for Newbies

Many newbies can be heard saying, “I don’t need to write my own ezine ads. My guru provided in the members area all the ads I need.

If you don’t want to remain a newbie for the rest of your life, then stop being a copycat. Improve your own skills and don’t be afraid of failures. Yes, FAILURES.

The path from newbie to expert always includes one or more failures. But if you keep going, you’ll soon see the SUNLIGHT at the end of the tunnel.

Sure, there is an alternative: remain a copycat. But at the end of your tunnel you will always see … just another tunnel. You don’t like this perspective, do you?

Do yourself a service: stop right now being a copycat. Here is your copywriting guide for ezine classified ads … (more…)

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Ezine Advertising – 10 Steps to Writing Powerful Ezine Ads to Grow Your List

Dumb ad: Get 50% off or half price, whichever is less Classified ads have been around as long as I can remember. Whether you’re reading a newspaper or perusing the back of a magazine, you see classified ads. Before the advent of online marketing, placing classified ads in print publications was the method many people used to sell their products or services.

What has worked for years in traditional marketing is also quite effective in online marketing. Advertising in email newsletters with ads is one of the greatest adverting bargains available today. Moreover, it can be a very effective strategy to help you grow your mailing list and drive traffic to your website. (more…)

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Ezine Advertising Sins Revealed

A lie may take care of the present, but it has no future. Ezine advertising is a powerful advertising tool that has been used by internet marketers since the early days of the Internet.

Unfortunately, in their money rush some ezine publishers and ezine ad co-ops owners forgot essential words such as honesty and professionalism and gave a bad name to this popular form of advertising.

This article reveals the biggest sins, in order to help you identify and avoid the sinners. (more…)

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Ogilvy: Consumers don't buy products. They buy product benefits.

Writing an Effective Ezine Ad

Ogilvy: Consumers don't buy products. They buy product benefits. While ezine ads tend to be cheaper than a blurb in your average glossy print magazine, you are still wasting your money if your ad doesn’t work.

There are some keys to writing effective ad copy that you can start implementing today. Let’s take a look at them.

First you need to have a clear goal in mind. What do you want people to do or feel when they read your ad? (more…)

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