The Most Effective Form of Free Ezine Advertising

Some ezine publishers offer free ezine ads to their subscribers. The bigger the readership of such ezine, the more ads – which means the less chances for your own ad to be noticed in a sea of advertisements. The smaller the readership, the less potential prospects for you. Conclusion? This model cannot be the most effective form of free ezine advertising … We have to find out something else …

The problem with the model I just described is that everyone can follow that path. Why? Because it’s free and you don’t need special skills or knowledge. Consequence? A fierce competition – your ad is competing with many other ads.

There is one little fact that most of the online newcomers overlook: the best things in the world are not those that everyone can easily get…

You have been warned! If you’re still looking for free ezine advertising, let’s see if the most effective form is for you … Here is what you’re supposed to do …

Step 1 – Decide what product or service you want to promote and search for ezines from the same niche. For example, if you want to promote a weight loss product, search for health ezines (newsletters).

Step 2 – That’s the most difficult part – Write an article on the same topic like your product (which is also the topic of the ezines you already selected). End your article with your name (or a pen name) and a P.S. (post scriptum). That P.S. has to be your ad – don’t talk there about you and don’t make it sound like an advert. The best ads don’t sound like ads.

Step 3 – Submit the articles to the publishers. You’ll find out that some of the publishers don’t accept guest articles (remove them from your list). Other publishers won’t like your article. However, if your list has a reasonable number of ezines, there will also be publishers who will accept your article and will publish it in their ezines. Psychological tip: subscribe to the ezines before submitting the article. Why? It is a little bit more difficult for a publisher to refuse a subscriber than a complete stranger.

That’s the most effective form of free ezine advertising. An issue of an ezine has very few articles (sometimes only one article) – which means less competition – and the most important part is this one: the subscribers didn’t subscribe to a certain ezine for the purpose of reading ads but for reading good pieces of information (including useful articles). This is free, targeted and effective ezine advertising. You cannot ask for more!

To Your Success!
Adrian Jock

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